Reading Room Update – Mahnke and Peters dissertations

In our Reading Room you will now find copies of the dissertations of both Dietrich Mahnke and Kurt Peters.

Mahnke began his academic career in Göttingen from 1902-06.  Due to financial reasons he left Göttingen without completing his dissertation.  Mahnke later returned to study with Husserl, and earned his doctorate from Freiburg in 1922.  His dissertation, Leibnizens Synthese von Universalmathematik und Individualmetaphysik, was published in the Jahrbuch in 1925.

Peters came from Munich to study with Husserl from SS1904 – WS1907/08.  His dissertation, Thomas Reid als Kritiker von David Hume in den Hauptpunkten des erkenntnis-theoretisch-logischen Teils ihrer Lehren, was completed in Leipzig under  Max Heinze and published in 1909.

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