Mahnke Kriegsberichte and Wolfgang Husserl Kriegsbriefe

Two wonderful resources have appeared on the blog of sdvig press in remembrance of the 100th anniversary of the First World War:

1. Dietrich Mahnke’s war memoirs – Mahnke Kriegsberichte (1914-1918)

  • Dietrich Mahnke’s war memoirs, originally published as Kriegstaten und Schicksale Ref. Inf. Regiments 75 1914-18 (1932), will eventually be accompanied by the online distribution of the extant series of letters that Husserl sent to Mahnke during the Great War, as well as Mahnke’s wartime publications.  These resources are being made available through the combined efforts of Dr. Patrick Flack at sdvig press, the Husserl Archives Leuven, and NASEP.

2. Wolfgang Husserl’s battlefront letters – Wolfgang Husserl Kriegsbriefe

  • This is the first time that Wolfgang Husserl’s battlefront letters have been published. Wolfgang Husserl was killed in action on March 8, 1916, during the battle of Verdun, France.  Wolfgang was also close with David Hilbert’s wife, Käthe Hilbert, which you can read about in an earlier post on our blog.

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