Call for Abstracts – Pr-Ph2


Pragmatism and Phenomenology: A Two Day Workshop (Part Deux)

University of Waterloo, March 4 – 5, 2017

This two-day workshop is a follow-up to the April 2016 Pragmatism and Phenomenology
workshop at King’s University College in London, Ontario. Like its predecessor, this workshop presents an opportunity for scholars from both phenomenology and pragmatism to engage in a sustained discussion on topics relevant to both groups. Possible topics include intentionality, the a priori, states of affairs, temporality, perception and judgment, embodiment, naturalism, psychologism, amongst others.

The organizers are interested in all topics likely to be of interest to both pragmatists and phenomenologists. They especially welcome work that helps to diversify the discipline — e.g., discussions of women or racialized philosophers, themes associated with social justice, and similar.

The workshop is meant to be a discussion-type format and is not meant to be a formal presentation of papers. Workshop participants will be asked to lead or co-lead discussions on a topic of their choosing with discussion material circulated in advance. In order to facilitate this process, we ask that you submit a 100-word abstract of your discussion topic and one or two suggested readings for participants. It is not expected that participants are experts in both traditions, but merely that there is an interest in both.

Submission due date: Abstract and supplementary reading deadline is 11:15 p.m. Jan. 15.
Please email your submission to Shannon Dea at

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